CMS applications are a better way to implement solutions in a short period; however, open-source solutions may not perfect for every business need. The team at EA Inc help you Content Management customization of different products to fill your needs by creating/designing templates, adding custom modules, either changing the core functionality in the product.

We help our clients by identifying, customizing, and implementing the best Content Mangement product/tool for your requirement, considering the number of opportunities available in the world of open source.

Our strength lies in increasing Open Source Customization services toward various products to befit our client's requirement.

Here is a considerable number of web programming companies are available to assist with your requirement. We are going to confer you a few top reasons to choose EA Inc for CMS Customization or build a lightweight CMS. Our specialties will satisfy you wholeheartedly for your content management system solutions.

Our expertise in the following criteria
  • The template generating from your mock-ups
  • CMS customization including new design and functionality
  • Add additional modules, widgets, components or plugins
  • Customization regarding themes, templates, banners, and graphics
  • Personalization of texts and images
  • Ensure security upon demand
  • Modify core functionality via hooking core functions
  • Follow robustness

Your life will be comfortable while we make CMS simple for you. Cheers! Would love to discuss your CMS customization?